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Thank you for your interest in the NMDA Web Site and the information it contains. The entire purpose of our Association is to honor our Veterans, both past and present. Our ceremony for 2016 will, as it has for the past 71 years, be held at Marietta National Cemetery on Memorial Day, this year being May 30, 2016 at noon.

You will find links above in which you will find a History of the NMDA, its purpose and its activity; give some insight into the Program ; how to Join the NMDA;   Directions to the Marietta National Cemetery; under Cemetery about the Marietta National Cemetery--its history, significance and more; what the Avenue of Flags represents and how to honor your Veteran with his or her flag posted in the cemetery; and finally, a number of valuable Links to other Web Sites describing Memorial Day as it is celebrated nationally, various memorials based on past conflicts, and more.

The Officers and Board of the NMDA, along with our Patron Members and Member Organizations, encourage you to attend this ceremony honoring our Veterans and hope you find the experience as uplifting and meaningful as we, who present it, do.   And by joining and supporting the NMDA, you will help assure that this particular ceremony will continue for the years ahead and for generations yet to be born.


David Moore
President, NMDA

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